SteamQuest finaly on Greenlight

SteamQuest – the game I have been following for a while (here and here) has now been officially released to the wild, ummm I mean Steam Greenlight, we also know some more details about the project.


Steal Mega Corporation’s data files in Cyber Sentinel

The dystopian vision of Cyberpunk where information is held by Mega Corporations and hackers try to steal it, is probably the most known trope in the genre. Mind Helix, a small indie dev company from Częstochowa, decided to make a puzzle game in this setting. So, are you ready to make some “suits” sweat with fear?


Das ist Deutschland!

Two talented developers from Poland: Bartek Pieczonka and Rafał Zaremba (working under the name Lichthund) took German myths, threw in a spear wielding hero and made one of the most addictive Polish indie games this year – Lichtspeer. They are now battling on the sacred grounds of Steam Greenlight, will you help them out?